Friday, August 9, 2013

10 days 11 hours....

But who is counting. I can't believe how soon it is until we leave. I think I won't realize what really happened until I have been there a few weeks, or maybe until a holiday hits. I have never lived away from home, neither one of us have. We didn't go to college out of state and we were both raised here. What are we in for? So exciting and scary at the same time. I have made it a point to stay on the same page as Steven as the weeks have gotten closer. We need to be a solid unit for this move as it will be quite the change. We unfortunately hit a bit of a rough patch 2 days ago. Nothing that needs to be hashed out here but Steven just made some poor choices that lead to feelings being hurt. do we refocus before the move? Forgiveness....real forgiveness. Believing in the person. Trusting in the words they say when you don't think you can. Choosing to see the good in them and realizing all that bad that is in yourself as well. So far with preparing to move, being "one" a "solid unit" has seemed to be the most important. Things have been rough for Hope. Coming back to my parents after living here previously and changing rooms 3 times since we have been here has been tough. She isn't sleeping well, super fussy and just plain old having a hard time. I am excited to get settled, but sadly that won't really be until we are in a house in Green Bay. I will try and do my best to make the apartment feel like home. It isn't the fact that it is an apartment, its just we could be there for two months or a year, we don't know. Oh well! We will make the best of it. Over the last few days Hope has learned a few new things! 1. She finally looked up at the sky and noticed the airplanes. 2. She now can hear the airplanes and identify them! 3. She clearly said doggie 4. She clearly said K for Okay;)Which is a big deal because she says "ya" to everything. Well I'm off to browse the internet for new glasses! Until next time!

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